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The Wunda Chair Project: A New Online Workshop

Wunda Chair Pilates Project

Hey there! Lately, I’ve ventured away from the Reformer and gravitated toward the piece of apparatus that often gathers dust in my studio. Sad, but true… Maybe this sounds familiar? It’s the Wunda Chair I’ve been consistently spending more time with and, oh boy, is it making me smile and use my powerhouse! Joe Pilates […]

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Revisiting the Basics: Side-to-Side on the Short Box

Side-to-Side on the Short Box

Hey there! This week’s post is a request from a subscriber, Joanne. Thanks, Joanne, it’s high time for another post about one of my not-so-favorites, Side-to-Side on the Short Box. Side bending, in general, has never been a skill of mine. Over the years I have fought the good fight and have emerged (occasionally) victorious. […]

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Visit my YouTube Channel: New Workouts + A Special Offer!

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Hi there – First I want to welcome you if you are a new subscriber. Thank you so much! For my OG subscribers – if you’ve been reading posts since way back in the day – thank you so much for your continued support, kind words and good humour. Do you know I have a […]

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Revisiting the Basics: Elephant

Revisiting the Basics: Elephant Edition

Hey there! Today’s post is on my favorite Pilates exercise animal, the Elephant. It’s everything, this one. It’s useful. It’s challenging. It’s versatile: do it on 1 leg or morph it into an Arabesque, the Elephant‘s got something special for you. Elephant 101 In your very first lesson, the Elephant delivers a valuable skill you’ll […]

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