5 Hot Tips to Ignite your Hip Twist and Swimming Exercises

The Hip Twist on the Mat

Hey there – It’s been a rough couple of days on the Mat, my friend! At the time of this writing, March MATness lands us on everyone’s fave, the Hip Twist or Hip Circles. Tomorrow brings another doozy, Swimming. You’re in luck! I’ve got some hot tips on these nasty little exercises. Make them favorites-in-training! […]

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The Pilates Method and the Evolution of the Neck Pull

Neck Pull on the Mat

In 2001, I was invited to a special meeting at my Pilates studio, Excel Pilates. I’d been a client of the studio for about a year and they were ready to launch their Teacher Training program. I had no idea what all this had to do with me, but any excuse to hang around the […]

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Breaking News: Doing your Pilates Mat Workout is Good for You!

Open Leg Rocker on the Mat

How ridiculous, right? Yet every March since 2011 I’ve made the same “shocking” discovery. Hey, these exercises are really good for me… I’ve got boundless energy, my body feels great and it took me about 30 minutes to do them. Now I’m off to live my life with zest and pleasure! When will I learn? […]

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Welcome to March MATness 2021!

The Roll Up on the Mat

Welcome to March MATness 2021! If you’re a new subscriber, thanks so much for reading and for joining us on the endless journey that is the Pilates Method. Thank you March MATness 2020 This month brings the one-year anniversary of the pandemic and COVID-19. Just one year ago we all got intimately acquainted with our […]

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Protected: Welcome to my Transitions on the Reformer Workshop 2021

Jay Grimes quote

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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