The Pilates System: The Cadillac Environment

Hello all you Pilates cats and kittens! Welcome to one of my very favorite weeks of the year, that mellow, holiday-between-holidays, last. week. of the year. 2021, I’ve got my eyes (and hopes) on you. Post-feasting is when I need my Pilates exercises the most. They are just the best twisty-turny things to work out […]

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The Cadillac of Apparatus

Swan on the Cadillac

Welcome new subscribers! Thanks for joining me on the wonderful journey that is the Pilates Method of Exercise. The reinvigorating of my personal Pilates workout – fewer distractions and more time for daily workouts – has been a true silver lining of this year at home. And my new plant friends. The green healing color, […]

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The Cadillac: Simply the Best

The Cadillac

One of my favorite elements of the Pilates System is that nothing is arbitrary. “There IS a reason,” says Joe Pilates, for all of our protocols and exercises and apparatuses. Each apparatus in the studio has a special purpose or it wouldn’t be there, right? All the apparatuses exist to assist and support your efforts. […]

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Pilates in the Year 2020 and Beyond… what I’ll be up to in 2021

Hey there! Who else can’t believe it’s October? It’s good news, somewhat. It’s my favorite month! It’s got my birthday right smack in the middle of it on The Ides of October and it’s got Halloween. So that’s a plus. On the other hand, 2020 pretty much feels like the year that will never end. […]

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Protected: Welcome to the The Wunda Chair Project 2020

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

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