Revisiting the Basics: Frog

Footwork on the Reformer (Divana)

Hi there! I have great affection for all things Frog. I just love it. I talk about it all the time. It’s SO damn useful. And prolific. You can’t take 2 steps away from the Reformer without tripping over 500+ versions of the Frog all around the Pilates studio. Am I right? Take a look […]

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Learning from Exercises you HATE: Humble Pie Edition

Side Sit Up on the Ladder Barrel

Hey there! I’ve been thinking about you. Thanks for sharing your time with me and for becoming a subscriber. Did you get a chance to read my bonus blog post How to Fall in Love with Exercises you HATE? I hope so. Click here to subscribe if you missed out on this little gem… Walking […]

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The Power of Incremental Change: Open Leg Rocker Edition

Open Leg Rocker 2008

Open Leg Rocker 2010 Hey there! Happy 136th Birthday Joe Pilates! I think of you (mostly fondly) every single day. Welcome to my new series: The Power of Incremental Change. As the new year approaches, ’tis the season for Pilates resolutions. What are your workout goals? Maybe you already know which exercises you’d like to […]

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Revisiting my Pilates Past

Do you ever wish you could travel back in time to visit your former Pilates self? What was it like to learn your Pilates exercises for the first time? What were your struggles back in the day? It’s easy to get out of touch with what it’s like to be a new student. However, I […]

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The 7th Principle of Pilates: MOVE!

Jumping on the Stomach on the Ladder Barrel

This week’s post is an oldie but its topic has even more resonance today than when it appeared on in 2012. Read Pilatesology’s original post even if you’re not a member. Wanna join? Use my code Andrea30 and extend their free trial to 30 days. My Pilates Confession for this week… Remember your least […]

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