Happy Pilates Day! May 3, 2014

Happy Pilates Day! May 3, 2014A program initiated by the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Pilates Day “is an annual, international, community event celebrated on the first Saturday of May every year.

The Pilates Day mission is to foster the public's appreciation and awareness of the Pilates Method through a network of varied, innovative, and high quality grassroots Pilates events accessible and affordable for all.”

Although I am currently not a member of the PMA (yet! Stay tuned…) I believe that everyone who has a body should be aware of the wonderful rewards and enhanced quality of life that comes with the discipline of a Pilates practice.

Pilates Day 2013

Happy Pilates Day! May 3, 2014

Last year I had so much fun at a Pilates Day event that I simply had to write a post about it.

Benjamin Degenhardt

+ Prana Pilates

+ Pilates Day

= Pilates Nerdfest '13

I am not sure if it is required by the PMA, but any good Pilates Day includes cake.

So what's shakin' this Saturday? May 3, 2014

This annual conference presented by Dana Santi and Gratz Pilates is always jam-packed with information and guaranteed to fulfill all your Pilates Day desires and more. Diverse workshops from Jay Grimes as well as members of the Authentic Pilates Union will give you 3 full days to nerd out in style.

Read a review of last year's Chicago conference here.

Find a complete list of PMA Pilates Day events around the world here. Enjoy!

Celebratory Mat workout?


Wherever your Pilates Day takes you, celebrating formally at a local event or workshop or privately working out with some exercise favorites, why not do a few extra sets of an exercise you really don't like very much but that you dearly, dearly need.

I solemnly swear to do 5 sets of the Saw instead of 3 – and maybe an extra one to the right while I'm at it.

Argh…and the Swakate on the Arm Chair.

I know, I'm a party animal.

Followed by cake!

What despicable exercise will you celebrate with?

I'd love some company 🙂

Thanksgiving 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

Pilates has done a lot for me over the last decade. It has enabled me to start my own business, to create a wonderful studio space full of Gratz toys, uhm…apparatuses, and to literally stand taller every day. I am thankful every day for all the things Pilates gives to me.

Romana says “If you are true to Pilates, Pilates will be true to you.” Here’s just a few gifts from Pilates that are at the top of my list right now:

  1. The ability to overcome inertia and get my body moving day after day.
  2. Ownership of how I feel, and how I am able to present myself to the world: calm(ish), strong and confident.
  3. The ongoing introduction to – and my inclusion in – a community of generous, warm and passionate teachers and practitioners.
  4. My fun and often zany clientele. Yes, I do seem to attract the zany.
  5. My client Lorin Beller for reminding me to take a moment to be thankful.
  6. My workout schedule for this week both pre and post Turkey Day. I am a firm believer in the “Schedule it and it will actually happen” method of working out. And then eat, drink and be merry!

Are you thankful for Pilates? Please share some of your reasons, I would love to hear them.

Happy Thanksgiving!



Gloria Steinem

Classy Dame. Cultural Icon. Feminist Rock Star.

Thanks Margy. Thanks Stacey.

I am Chuck. (or just a wannabe…)

I am Chuck. (or just a wannabe...)

As an avid reader and fan of Chuck Klosterman, my first impression of Killing Yourself to Live (“6557 Miles to Nowhere” excerpt from SPIN magazine) was wow, this guy knows way too much about rock music.

I then read a wonderful essay on my favorite NBA player Steve Nash, The Karl Marx of the Hardwood, only to discover that Basketball too resides within Klosterman’s sphere of expertise.

His irreverent view of popular culture is incisive and brilliantly visible in his newest coup as The Ethicist for the New York Times. We are about the same age and he speaks beautifully to my generation, although I bet if I were a guy I would love him even more…okay that came out wrong.

Pilates. Chuck Klosterman-style.

It has been my secret wish for some time now that Klosterman become a Pilates expert. ‘Cause I would eat that shit up. I imagine his talents for frank and nimble dissection revealing the infinite scope of Joe Pilates’ brilliant system of exercise. He would ground us and  keep any stray egos in check (you know who you are).

I envision a world where Klosterman speaks of Romana Kryzanowska, The Short Box and the Two-way Stretch with the depth of knowledge he has for Kiss and Sabbath.

Now here’s where I come in. I considered writing a blog about 5 years ago, read an article about how blog-writing is a big commitment requiring one to consistently generate quality content and promptly scrapped the idea.

However, the Everest of 5 years ago is no longer and I am delighted to take up the task. I now have some big shoes to fill. I aspire to tackle all things Pilates with the deft elegance of my beloved Chuck.

No pressure.

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