Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition

Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition

I've got a lovely British colleague, Amy Kellow. Amy is the owner of Everybody Pilates, a Classical Pilates franchise based in Portsmouth.

I am very fortunate to work with her via Skype. Amy is just as nerdy as yours truly and in her last lesson she delighted me with one of my favourite games.

You know it well.

It’s that a-ha moment when you realize that Exercise A (which you are currently in the midst of) is crazy helpful for Exercise B (which maybe you find more challenging or elusive).

“This exercise is just like [insert the name of any other Pilates exercise here].”

Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition


Today’s Key Players

Exercise A = Butterfly on the Cadillac

Exercise B = The Saw on the Mat

Hmmm, I'm not sure I am a fan of either of these exercises, maybe this will help me feel the love…

This week I've got a Special Guest to help me…

Try it yourself and be sure to tell me tell me all about it.

(Please note that the “exploratory” pace as I compare these two exercises is not ideal. Slower is not better, yo. OMG and so many chirping birds!)

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