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Don't live in California?

No problem.

All you need is a computer with a camera and a Zoom account.

Schedule an online lesson from anywhere in the world.

When you book your appointment you'll receive a confirmation email which will include your unique Zoom link.

Don't have Zoom? No worries, just click the link and in a few moments it will download and you'll be all set.

We'll use just a bit of time in your first lesson to set up the camera angle so I'll be able to see you clearly.

I am a firm believer in the power of regular private lessons.

  • Benefit immeasurably from the Pilates Method with consistent practice under the skillful eye of an instructor.
  • Reinvigorate your practice right in the privacy of your own home or studio.
  • Find inspiration in your workout and your teaching.

I look forward to connecting with you online.

More info about my Subscription Plans

Get your once or twice weekly workouts at my lowest rate.

Practice your exercises diligently with the fixed and unalterable determination that you will permit nothing else to sway you from keeping faith with yourself.

Joe Pilates was right.

Consistency. Brings. Results.

“How does it work?”

Your monthly membership will collect payment every 4 weeks.

If you travel or are otherwise unavailable, you can reschedule within the current cycle or rollover a maximum of 2 lessons to the next payment cycle.

Memberships may be canceled at any time.

internet lessons

As a Pilates Studio Owner and Teacher Trainer it is all too easy to neglect your own self practice. My internet lessons with Andrea keep me connected to my body, my progress and more importantly to my Pilates peers.

I love these sessions – full of fun, full of hard work and full of surprises. You will be astounded with how much progress you can make in an internet class. And believe me you will still get to work hard and sweat hard!

-Amy Kellow, owner Everybody Pilates, UK

Internet Lessons

Andrea rocks!  I found myself coming back to Pilates at age 40 after trying it a decade earlier at a local gym.  I had no idea what Pilates really was at the time but I remember I had liked it.  I started re-reading Return To Life and practicing the Mat exercises while diligently digging for any and all Classical Pilates info online, which was difficult to find. Then…I found the light…Pilates Andrea.  I became an avid follower of her blog and was learning a ton just from watching and reading her thoughtful, technically correct, inspiring posts.  I had the opportunity to be in San Diego for an extended period of time and nervously asked Andrea if we could meet up for some one-on-one lessons?  “Of course!” she graciously said to me, a complete stranger and wannabe Pilates Geek! 

I learned so much from her in that month (and still do)!  I finally started understanding what Classical Pilates truly was and how to discover and build those bridging Pilates connections in one’s own body.  I was bummed to be leaving but I had a purse full of newly found Pilates gems to shine and perfect.  Andrea mentioned that she did internet lessons.  What?!  I had never tried anything like that but I was keen to continue learning and gave it a go. Oh how I praise the wondrous Internet!  I simply open my laptop and meet her weekly via Zoom for an amazing, safe, tough and always eye opening session (we laugh a lot too :).  I find the internet lessons are just as challenging, maybe even more so at times, because you are fully focused on Andrea’s expert instruction while relying on yourself to hone the exercise in your own body.  It should be noted that she has a eagle eye for finding every single nuance in your movements!!

Andrea is always available to her clients for questions, comments and offers an ear for the personal Pilates manifestos that often sprout.  Pilates will continue to challenge me for a lifetime; it has impacted me in so many positive ways and I owe much of that to Andrea’s never ending enthusiasm and guidance in The Method. 

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