The Pilates Lunges: The Arm Springs Edition

The Pilates Lunges: The Arm Springs EditionAlycea Ungaro weighed in with her move of the month for August: The Pilates Lunges.


She certainly hit the mark with an exercise that I had completely forgotten and alas, that I had relegated to the world of fitness.

I was confused. Confounded. And yes, a bit late to the party.

No delicious Reformer exercise or one of the 34 awesome moves on the Mat?

Just last week I realized I had been teaching Pilates lunges to my clients ALL ALONG…

Imagine my surprise. Say it with me:

We only have one exercise!


The Standing Arm Springs

Often these are reserved for our male clients, but I have a few exceptional ladies that love a good Standing Arm Spring ending.

Regardless, these exercises are bursting with Pilates power poses; we all feel strong and powerful doing them. And with many variations to choose from, they can be appropriate for all levels of Pilates peeps.

One prerequisite: You must have a powerhouse!

Jus' sayin'.

A few Pilates pointers you'll use to work on the exercises:

  • This is a Back exercise. The arms are an extension of your back. Connect your back into your arms and into the springs.
  • Opposition Help #1: Use opposition to your advantage. Press firmly into the floor with your feet and really anchor the back heel. Reach your hands into the handles and create a diagonal line from the back heel all the way up to your fingertips.
  • Opposition Help #2: Scoop your stomach in away from your reach into the handles. Pretend you are doing a strange Teaser and pull the waistline in more that you think necessary…you're probably in no danger of overdoing it…
  • Balance: Lunge with the Right leg forward and then the Left. Lookie there! It's great for those that might have a weaker side, or a less coordinated one.
  • OMG coordination!
  • Breathe deeply and be vigorous!

Can you say full body workout?


Save the date!

Saturday September 20, 2104 is Pilates Gives Back day at a studio near you.

Interested in participating? Learn more here or visit the APU Pilates Gives Back Charity Fundraiser page.

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