3 Pilates Phenomena from Last Week

3 Pilates Phenomena from Last WeekHey there everyone!

It's been a busy week in the studio and I'm excited to share a bit of what's been on my Pilates mind recently.

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Thanks for joining us here and a big hug and thank you to all my awesome readers. I'm always happy to share a Monday morning bit of Pilates nerdery with you.

1. Get your Scoop on 3x/week!


Last week was the very first week in which I completed my ideal workout schedule:

  • On Mondays I have a lesson with Karen Frischmann and I am completely obsessed with the Reformer. As much as I love the other apparatus in the studio I always want to shake off the dust of the weekend with a full-on sweat-infested Reformer workout.

I need my internal shower. 

I depend on my Monday private lesson to invigorate and inspire me all week long.

  • On Wednesdays my teaching schedule is full and I aim to squeeze in a Mat workout plus Spine Corrector if I am lucky. This week I got the job done. Yay me!
  • On Fridays I work only in the morning. I know myself too well to think that after I finish work I will buckle down to do my workout. So I begin at 8am and schedule my 3rd workout (on the Reformer again – I tell you I'm obsessed!!) for 6am Friday morning.

Despite the early hour it's not bad.

And it's always transformative.

I am energized and empathy-filled for my workday and I've just had a shower.

Boom. 3 workouts per week. Who's with me?

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2. Get. Busy. Lifting.

Imagine what's been on my Pilates mind lately…

It's nothing new, really. And every day it gets better.

I've also written about it before:

  1. The Reformer: The Use of Lift in the Long Stretch Series
  2. Lift in the Pilates Exercises that are Upside Down
  3. The Short Box: A Vital Shot of LIFT!



You just can't get enough.

You just can't get enough.

And don'cha know it jives tremendously with our other best helper:

Surely you remember him.

My favorite places to find lift are where we least expect him: lying down.

3 Pilates Phenomena from Last Week

Yeah, yeah I'm sure there's a scoop going on, but remember your lift is 50% of your 2-way stretch.

That sounds important.

All those limbs are reaching forward but what's happening in the other direction?


What about upside down?

3 Pilates Phenomena from Last Week

Yes, the lower body is reaching up but whats happening in the waistline?


Don't settle for 1-way stretch…You deserve 2.

Stay tuned for future posts about my very favorite place to find boatloads of lift…

3 Pilates Phenomena from Last Week

Our old friends Frog and Leg Circles. Please tell me you've visited them recently. They have so much to teach us about pretty much all of the other exercises!

But for now, lift! Use your lift here to move that carriage. See how much it can transform the exercises.

3. The Elegant Sufficiency that is the Wall

The Pilates exercises that comprise the Wall cannot be emphasized enough. They are good for everyone. They are simple and straightforward. Do them well and you'll feel tall, lifted and freaking fantastic at the finish.

Enjoy this short video tutorial on the Wall.

We'll look at the 3 standard exercises, an extra one that may not be on your radar yet PLUS! a challenging one-leg variation.

Thanks for watching!

What's your favorite ending to a Pilates workout? 

Share your favorites in a comment below 

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