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Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 2!

Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 2!

Welcome to the 2nd installment of Transtions! Transitions!

The Order of the Universe

Working through the order of the Pilates Reformer exercises, let's go back a bit to the very beginning before continuing on through the sequence.

Post-Footwork and into the Hundred

The very first transition you'll get to enjoy precedes the Hundred. Speedily and without getting up you'll use your feet to lower the footbar after completing the Footwork series.

One foot will lift the footbar while the other catches the support bar. It's even a little bit of an abdominal exercise as you control both bars down into place without a bang.

Please note: Depending on the manufacturer of your Reformer, this may or may not be possible: for example if your Reformer has a locking mechanism on the footbar. Alternatively you can cleanly sit up to take it down efficiently with your hands – no worries, you can still get a clean and efficient transition out of it.

In and out of the Rowing Series

So far we've covered 4 transitions: (Find the ones you missed here.)

  • Footwork into Hundred
  • In and out of the long black straps after the Hundred and Frog and Circles OR
  • Hundred into Overhead
  • Backstroke into the Teaser

Going back a bit in the order, we'll pick up the efficient transitions within the Rowing Series.

Coordination into Rowing 1+2

After Coordination you've got a few things to accomplish efficiently. You'll remove a spring and you'll turn around to get into position for the first exercise in the Rowing Series: Into the Sternum.

For maximum efficiency in this transition you'll get into place first and then remove the spring once you're there.

  1. Take the handles into one hand.
  2. Sit up and turn all the way around. Place both legs into the space between the shoulder rests.
  3. You've still got a free hand. Reach behind you to remove 1 spring (you'll have 1 spring remaining for the Rowing).
  4. Do the Rowing exercises 1+2: Into the Sternum and 90°

Please note: the headpiece will be down from the Overhead. If you are not currently doing the Overhead, the headpiece may be up and you'll have to put it down. Just an extra moment to show off how efficient you can be.

Rowing 2 into Rowing 3-6

You've finished the first 2 exercises in this series and you'll need to turn around for the next 4 exercises, the remainder of the series. I have found the following transition to be most effective.

  1. Place the handles on the carriage beside your legs, approximately in front of the shoulder rests.
  2. Bring your legs around and turn to face the front of the Reformer.
  3. Slide back in between the handles and pick them up for the 3rd exercise in the series: From the Chest.
  4. Do the Rowing exercises 3-6: From the Chest, From the Hips, Shave and Hug.
  5. After the Hug, replace your handles onto the bolts where they live. Now you're ready for Long Box 1!

Efficiency builds stamina

A word about the purpose of transitions: connection!

You'll connect each exercise to the next.

Moreover, you'll keep the workout going. Your connection to your center will be enhanced by your transitions.

This is not a time for resting. Keep your focus.

Keep your workout seamless and challenging.

Enjoy this short video tutorial.

Questions? Please leave them in a comment below.

Thank you so so much for watching!

Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! Transitions!

Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! Transitions!

Tevye, of Fiddler on the Roof fame, works hard to perfect his Pilates transitions (Transitions)!

Transitions connect Joe Pilates' exercises into one continuous movement of dynamic stretching – which requires great strength and control.

Transitions consist of everyday pedestrian movements for which your Pilates workout diligently prepares you. You'll get up, get down, kneel, balance and turn, step up and down, reach and lift objects. You will strive for efficiency in these movements creating a deliberate but brisk tempo to your workout.

Aerobic, you say?

Yes, efficiency is the name of the game. The more efficient you are with the exercises and the transitions the more you will build endurance and stamina.

Often a transition may be more difficult than the exercises it connects.

Some common transitions on the Reformer include:

  • Lowering the footbar with your feet before the Hundred while lying down after the Footwork.
  • Sitting up and turning in a Teaser after the Hundred to remove 2 springs before Overhead OR Setting up the long straps for Frog and Circles – getting into them and out of them before Overhead.
  • The Teaser transition after Backstroke to remove a spring for the next exercise (Teaser).
  • Getting rid of the straps on your feet after the Long Spine Massage.
  • Efficient pace and tempo during exercise series like Stomach Massage, Short Box and Knee Stretches.

Transitions elevate the order of the exercises to dizzy new heights.

How cool are you when you not only perform the Backstroke and Teaser on the Reformer, but also connect them seamlessly while removing a spring.

What an icebreaker at parties.

Thank you so so much for watching and stay awesome, my friends!

Wanna see other transitions in a video? Look no further:

To efficiency and beyond!

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