Pilates Vlog: Joe and the Small Barrel

a fairy tale…

Remember Joe?

Pilates Vlog: Joe and the Small Barrel

By now you've seen him grace many a Pilates vlog of mine. He does a good job, he's a good sport and he's got a lovely sense of humor about his Pilates workout. Read more about his workout here.

He also professes to do only the Mat.

Which is mostly true…

Don't get too excited, only in my dreams does he beg me to teach him a Reformer exercise.

But he does use the Cadillac. He enjoys Leg Springs, Arm Springs and as you all saw, Rolling Back.

More recently, however, he's become a fan of the Small Barrel.

Pilates Vlog: Joe and the Small Barrel

I know, the small round apparatus… SO CUTE!

Battling the Computer Slump

It came to pass one day, after Joe had completed his Mat exercises, that I suggested he add some stretching over the barrel to his routine. For over a year now Joe has been in school for web design. Since that time, he's logged countless hours slumping sitting in front of his computer.

Hence my subtle suggestion.

“Stretch over the Barrel” (the Ladder Barrel I was thinking).

Now please keep in mind, if he were my client, I would have never decided to begin his barrel career with a Backbend on the Ladder Barrel…he also wouldn't exclusively be doing the Mat…etc…you know how this goes…

Joe is quite flexible (not quite loosey-goosey, but darn close) especially bending forward (my 1st clue) and he is not short.

And he's my husband, he does the full advanced Mat, and in the spirit of totally trying to look the other way and not pick-pick-pick his entire workout…blah blah disclaimer, blah…

This was indeed a day for learning.

Goldilocks and the Three Barrels

One second of beginning to lie back over the Ladder Barrel made Joe groan and abort.

“Whoa, that's hard…”

Okay, let's get the Spine Corrector…Joe sits on the step and tries again.

“No. I think it's too much here too…” Ix-nay on the Ine-spay Orrector-cay…

Small Barrel? For a man? That is not stiff?? (or so I thought) Well, one barrel left to try – let's give it a go.

“Oh yeah, this is doable…

Not ‘fine', not ‘good' but possible. And quite hard work for him, even now. The Small Barrel (we did a few Arm Circles only) was a good challenge for him.


Small Barrel. For a man. That evidently cannot bend backward nearly as easily as he can bend forward…

Yup. Now I get it.


Paying it Forward

I notice that with each workout Joe includes the Small Barrel.

He clearly sees the value, or moreover, feels the value of Small Barrel exercises in his body. He speaks of seeing various body types of older men, 20 or 30 years his senior, some of which have a hunched forward posture.

Joe sees the Small Barrel as his #1 way to remain upright for a lifetime.

The Vlog

In this short video Joe does 3 exercises on the Small Barrel:

  • arm circles – using 1 pound weights (he sometimes uses 2 pound weights)
  • one arm up/one arm down – using the weights
  • breathing (using a light pole)

Thanks so much for watching!

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