Video Blog – The Hundred: A Scrubbing Bubbles Moment

Video Blog - The Hundred: A Scrubbing Bubbles momentThe Hundred

Perhaps not as infamous as the Teaser, the Hundred is decidedly the longest Pilates exercise this side of the Boomerang.

Many elements must be kept together for the 10 sets of this warm up exercise: Deep steady breathing, vigorous pumping, your scoop for God's sake cause those legs aren't going to hold themselves up there, am I right?

So there's a lot to look at. Lots. Going. On.

As often comes to pass, maybe your student has considerable shoulder tension that pumping the arms only serves to exacerbate. Shoulders retreat up around the ears…only to linger up there for the WHOLE exercise.

Oh dear.

What's to be done?

For a while, as they learn the exercise and get it into their body, do nothing.

That's right, as long as they are safe, just watch.

It may be bad. Which is fine, for now.

I smell a perfect opportunity for one of my favorite Jay Grimes quotables:

“Dangerous we don't allow. Bad? Get used to it because you're gonna see a lot of it.”

How could your student be perfect on Day 1? Patience…

With time you may see their body figuring it out even without your intervention.

Yes, without you…what a concept!

In the meanwhile – while you're watching, why not add similar exercises to infiltrate and influence the Hundred? To nudge it in the direction you seek (beat it into submission).

For example, appropriate exercises may include Arm Springs lying down or beginning exercises on the Arm Chair. You'll work to increase the control and strength in the center and therefore downplay the whole shoulder/arm thang.

Time passes…

Later, when they know the exercise, when they are stronger in the exercise and they have clearly some action going on in their center/powerhouse/stomach there is a lovely Hundred they can do on the Cadillac that will whip their shoulder thing into submission before your very eyes.

This version of the Hundred, I find, is golden. It is magical and does all your work for you.

Get ready for a Scrubbing Bubbles moment.

Can't get enough of the Hundred? Read on!

The Hundred Up Close

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