A Word about the Pilates Standing Arm Springs

The Standing Arm Spring series consists of many MANY exercise variations.

The name says it all really.

You're standing. You are using the Arm Springs, usually a medium weight spring. You'll be either at the Cadillac, Wall Unit (like in the class in the video) or Guillotine.

Choosing just a few of these exercises can make an invigorating and challenging ending series. Especially for men. Whoever you are, the Standing Arm Spring exercises make you feel big and strong, what can I say?

Powerhouse required.

Yes, don't leave home without it.  Even the more basic variations of the Standing Arm Springs can be challenging.

Oh yes, and there are some real killers. A little something for nearly everyone.

The Pilates Method is a full body workout.

Based on what you know about the Pilates Method, you've probably guessed that the Standing Arm Spring Series is not about the arms.

Leg circles about the legs? Nope! Standing Arm Spring Series: same story.

Yes, you'll need everything you've got to succeed in these exercises. You must ground your body into the floor and use the buttocks and the back.

Be out-standing!

Another traditional ending to your Pilates workout is the Standing Arm Weights Series. Clearly about more than your arms and the small weights in your hands, the Standing Arm Weights Series targets the strength of your standing position.


Your Pilates workout gone vertical so you can succeed for life.

The Standing Arm Springs are no different. Use those springs to your best advantage and work your whole body.

Wanna learn more about the Cadillac and the building blocks for the Standing Arm Spring Series?

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