Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 11?!

Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 11?!

Welcome to the 11th and final installation of Transitions! Transitions!

(Be sure to scroll to the very bottom of this post for a special announcement…)

We’ve been working our way through the Order of the Pilates Reformer Exercises.


Post Everything and into the Splits

After Pelvic Lift you'll step off and prepare your Reformer for the Side Splits exercise.

  • Add a pad to the frame.
  • If necessary, add a pad in front of the shoulder block directly opposite the pad on the frame. You'll want to be in a straight line, yes?
  • Carefully step up onto the carriage between the 2 pads and come to standing.
  • Place one foot on the pad on the frame.
  • Swivel your other foot (heel, toe, heel, toe) out to the opposite pad in front of the shoulder block.

To change sides you will turn around toward the springs.

This is a “rule” I have heard everywhere.

I like to amuse myself by imagining that if you don't turn toward the springs, perhaps a Pilates evil-doer lurks nearby, ready and willing to remove your spring if you look away for a moment.

It is this fantasy and this alone that keeps a smile on my face as I do the Side Splits.

Post Side Splits and into the Front Splits

  • Step off after the Side Splits.
  • Remove the pads and place one of them onto the headpiece in anticipation of the Russian Splits we will do in a moment.

(If necessary you can have a pad in front of each shoulder block for the Front Splits for security.)

  • Step up into your position for the Front Splits and begin.

Post Front Splits and into the Russian Splits

  • Step off the Reformer.
  • Place a hand onto each shoulder block and step onto the Reformer facing away from the footbar.
  • Place your back foot onto the footbar first.
  • Use your hands on the shoulder blocks to support yourself and lift the other foot into place on the headpiece.
  • Come into your squat and begin.
  • To change sides and to finish you will step the front foot onto the carriage first and then bring the back one down.
  • When you've finished both sides, step off and feel fantastic!

A word about an optional ending that I love

After a full-on Reformer workout I love to do a few rolling exercises on the Mat.

Your body is all jazzed, warm and empowered and I love the new experience of rolling while in this state. It's amazing how smooth you can be.

And if rolling exercises are your nemesis, now is the time, my friend.

I usually do 3-5 Roll Like a Ball, Open Leg Rocker and Seal. Choose a small and finite number and work to make each one more perfect than the last.

If you enjoy the Boomerang or the Crab, feel free to add them in as well…

Roll up to standing after the Seal and you are golden.

Enjoy this short video tutorial. 

Questions? Please leave them in a comment below.

Thank you so so much for watching!

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