Pilates Mat Exercise #28: Swimming (Bonus Video Blog)

Thanks for all your hard work during the month of March MATness. Hope you caught our Daily Pilates Mat Workout in 30 minutes, the full mat repertoire, last week.

If not, why not enjoy it today?

It has been a pleasure to see all of your comments, contributions and enthusiasm toward moving well every day. Check the MarchMATness site during the next 11 months for inspiration and perspiration all year long.

Well Done!

Pilates Nerd in training

Joe and I have been faithfully doing our Pilates Mat exercises 3-4x/week minimum for over a year now…long enough to feel a bit ‘off' when we haven't done our exercises.

Joe has drunk nearly all the Pilates Kool-Aid I tell you, with only a few minor quibbles here and there.

So our workout time has become another nice way for us to hang out together and sometimes – not for the 5am workouts – we banter back and forth, trying our best not to descend into trash talk.

That's why there's so much hugging…

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

As a practitioner of Pilates one becomes well aware of exercises in which we excel and those “other exercises” that offer a great, great challenge. Joe is currently vexed by the Open Leg Rocker. Poor dear.

Although I could elect several of the exercises to be my nemesis, the one that currently glares at me the most is Swimming.

Pilates Mat Exercise #28: Swimming (Bonus Video Blog)

Benjamin Degenhardt to the rescue! Thanks 🙂


Even the word looks sinister. Too symmetrical. The double nasal consonants a tad too confrontational.

My tight shoulders and hips often best me in this exercise, but I am hot on their trail at the moment.

Joe – of the loosey-goosey variety – gets a good laugh at my attempts. Literally.

“It's funny, how hard that is for you.”

Is it?

What am I, a clown to you?!

Well Hello Mr. Small Barrel

I got a last laugh recently when Joe lay over the Small Barrel and realized he had little capacity to bend backwards, despite his pretzel-status when bending forward, to the side or twisting.

Everybody's got something.

Dead in the Water

Joe's right though. The Swimming exercise just dusts me. No use in denying it. I have stamina for dozens of teasers for days, but a few paltry seconds of Swimming and I'm toast.

How many breaths? (desperation builds) How many seconds to swim?

Oh, fu*k it, I'm done.

Do you remember Nelson from the Simpsons?

I hear it loud and clear as I strive to perfect my Swimming.

Swimming 2014: Don't quit your day job…

2017 UPDATE!!

Swimming, now one of my most favorite feel-good exercises deserves a new post full of love!

Stay tuned…

What's your God-I-hate-it-maybe-someday-I'll-love-it exercise? And how's it going?

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