Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 4!

Thanks Order of the Pilates Exercises: Transitions! 4!

Welcome to the 4th installation of Transitions! Transitions!

We've been working our way through the Order of the Pilates Reformer Exercises.

The Big Transition

After Long Box 1 we'll move to the Long Stretch Series. This will be the first time you'll completely reset the Reformer: accessories, spring change, position change, new exercise series.

Post Long Box and into the Long Stretch Series

What are the components you'll need to adjust for the Long Stretch Series?

There's a bunch.

Scan the Reformer. I like to start at the footbar.

In this way you'll ensure that nothing gets forgotten.


For maximum efficiency I suggest completing all changes before you remove the Long Box.

  1. Put the footbar up.
  2. Add 1 spring (for a total of 2).
  3. Add a pad to the headpiece (which is up).
  4. Finally, remove the Long Box.

Do these adjustments sequentially and you'll return to a Reformer that's all set up and ready for you to begin the Long Stretch.

In and Out of the Long Stretch Series

The Long Stretch Series will be our first opportunity for efficient pace and tempo within an exercise series.

You'll strive to connect the exercises as though they were one continuous movement.

The body positions are shifting but you are nearly in the same place on the apparatus for every exercise except the last one, the Long Back Stretch.

Give yourself an extra challenge by keeping a sharp eye on where the carriage is. As you move from Long Stretch to Down Stretch – from Down Stretch to Up Stretch – from Up Stretch to Elephant – use your stomach to keep the carriage closed between each of the exercises.

It's not easy.

The Long Stretch Series is a wonderful series to feel the individual rhythms of each exercise.

  • Long Stretch: pretty straightforward and even in tempo.
  • Down Stretch: you can really milk the exhale as you pull the carriage in forever. Lift!
  • Up Stretch: embrace the moment of undulation, followed by a steady solidness to close the spring and then reset.
  • Elephant: a small movement out and a controlled slower return of the carriage. Close it all the way if you can!

Deliberately move through this series giving each exercise its due.

Wait! The Long Back Stretch!

You've linked together all the exercises of the Long Stretch Series so far. Now, you'll be efficient as you step off and turn around to begin the Long Back Stretch.

Really the right side up version of everything that comes before it, the Long Back Stretch requires a precise way to get onto the Reformer.

  1. After Elephant step to the floor.
  2. Turn around to face the back of the Reformer.
  3. Get into position: Place one hand on the bar and the same side foot against the shoulder rest. Then the other side.
  4. Keep your lift and GO!

Efficiency Builds Stamina

Use these tips to save yourself precious steps and moments between exercises.

If only I could have learned to save steps for that hot minute when I was a waitress. Alas, it never made any sense without the Reformer…

Enjoy this short video tutorial.

Questions? Please leave them in a comment below.

Thank you so so much for watching!

In case you've missed one…

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