The Pilates System: The Hundred vs. the Wall

The Pilates System: The Hundred vs. the Wall

Hello and welcome to another epic battle of Pilates exercises.

Lately I've been working diligently to perfect one of the most infamous of the Pilates exercises: the Hundred.

I've also felt a resurgence of the Wall exercises. Such simple and effective exercises which can be done anywhere you're able to commune with a wall.

The Wall is a great finisher to your at-home-between-studio-visits Mat workout.

Who doesn't want better posture I ask you?

Check out how brutal and demanding the Wall can be in a recent video:

From Reader's Digest, October 1934, Cutting a Fine Figure:

A few remedial exercises must be gone through daily, if you care two pins about having a 20-year-old figure at the age of 50.

Here is one that Pilates recommends: lie down and try to make the whole length of the spine touch the floor, likewise the shoulders and arms, stretched above the head.

You can't do it, but trying is what counts.

Just what we do at the end of our Wall exercises yes? We work steadily to lengthen the back of us – now in an upright position – along the oh-so-unforgiving wall.

Again, it's impossible, but it's the trying that counts and corrects our posture.

Correcting our posture? Remember there's another stellar group of Pilates apparatus which serves us on our quest for amazing and youthful posture: the barrels (Small Barrel, the Spine Corrector and the Ladder Barrel).

Make the Hundred Great Again

With our rigorous Pilates training, we can develop a facility for a familiar exercise like the Hundred.

We become tremendous cheaters.

As you'll see in this week's video, I can fake my way through the Hundred. I can park my legs low off my pelvis and really not connect my lower body into my center.

No bueno…

Let's make this exercise a challenge again. Let's see if we can work it so well maybe the whole 10 sets of the Hundred will be too much and we'll barely make it to 80…

First, what are we warming up here in our iconic Pilates exercise?

The center. The back. Right?

In just a few short exercises our order of the Reformer exercises and our order of the Mat exercises will demand our backs embark on the juicy, stretchy challenges of the Overhead and the Roll Over, respectively.

How exactly is that gonna happen?

No need to change the order, however, we do need to make all our preceding exercises that much more effective in preparing the body for inversion.

Might as well start with the Hundred.

Hundred vs. the Wall

Use the 2 videos included in this post to refine your exercises: the Hundred with help from the Spine Corrector, and the Wall.

Let's see how helpful this will be to perfect your ultimate expression of the Hundred.

You too may speak the same phrase I do every five minutes in my Pilates workout:

“Oh yeah, it's just like that other exercise…”

The Pilates System: The Hundred vs. the Wall

Enjoy this short video tutorial. Wanna see your favorite exercises in an epic battle? 

Lay it on me in a comment below and let's go for it!

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