I am Chuck. (or just a wannabe…)

I am Chuck. (or just a wannabe...)

As an avid reader and fan of Chuck Klosterman, my first impression of Killing Yourself to Live (“6557 Miles to Nowhere” excerpt from SPIN magazine) was wow, this guy knows way too much about rock music.

I then read a wonderful essay on my favorite NBA player Steve Nash, The Karl Marx of the Hardwood, only to discover that Basketball too resides within Klosterman’s sphere of expertise.

His irreverent view of popular culture is incisive and brilliantly visible in his newest coup as The Ethicist for the New York Times. We are about the same age and he speaks beautifully to my generation, although I bet if I were a guy I would love him even more…okay that came out wrong.

Pilates. Chuck Klosterman-style.

It has been my secret wish for some time now that Klosterman become a Pilates expert. ‘Cause I would eat that shit up. I imagine his talents for frank and nimble dissection revealing the infinite scope of Joe Pilates’ brilliant system of exercise. He would ground us and  keep any stray egos in check (you know who you are).

I envision a world where Klosterman speaks of Romana Kryzanowska, The Short Box and the Two-way Stretch with the depth of knowledge he has for Kiss and Sabbath.

Now here’s where I come in. I considered writing a blog about 5 years ago, read an article about how blog-writing is a big commitment requiring one to consistently generate quality content and promptly scrapped the idea.

However, the Everest of 5 years ago is no longer and I am delighted to take up the task. I now have some big shoes to fill. I aspire to tackle all things Pilates with the deft elegance of my beloved Chuck.

No pressure.

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