1 Moment of Clarity with a Pilates Twist

1 Moment of Clarity with a Pilates TwistIn a race to the top of my Most Challenging list are the Pilates Side Bending exercises and the Pilates Twisting Exercises.

Naturally a part of me loathes them. A pretty big part of me until recently. They are difficult and therefore exactly what I need to be doing.

Even the nasty ones.

Twisting feels good to my already-twisted-a-bit back.

Me? Twisted?! Thanks for the feigned shock, I appreciate it.

As my understanding and execution improves I am (slowly) beginning to love them (a little bit). I almost enjoy the Criss Cross on the Mat. Ridiculous!

The secrets I am discovering? You'd better sit down for this one.

It's all about LENGTH.


No more tricky twisty cranking around to get more “twist”. The power of posture is remarkable.

Lifting up and forward can solve the world's problems.

I am now sure of it.

1 Moment of Clarity with a Pilates Twist

On Saturday August 24, 2013 I am thrilled to present a mat class at Prana Pilates, home of the lovely Karen Ellis. Hope you can join me. Sign up here and click on the WORKSHOPS tab.

Check out Karen's new site Pilates Nerd that “aspires to shake things up and redefine what it means to be a nerd. A Pilates Nerd is a highly intelligent individual, does Pilates, gets really excited to learn, and is fascinated with most everything related to Pilates.”

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  1. If I lived closer, I’d love to attend your mat class on Saturday the 24th! Good luck and have fun twisting!

    • Lauren! I wish you lived closer too…I have half an email written to you, my friend…I owe ya one. Some day we shall meet in the middle of the country, yes? For fun and Pilates no doubt. xo

  2. You got it! I think that might be….Chicago?? next year??
    P.S. Bought an ice-cream maker today. The bucket is freezing overnight and we will make our first batch tomorrow! Starting simple with Vanilla for the kids.

    • OMG today I suddenly had a thought – am I gonna get the friction ice cream maker or what?? I’ll be following your lead, sister…but the grocery store has been out of pistachios – eeek! Ok, hungry now.

  3. I was looking for pistachios when we were emailing about that because I wanted to try that recipe. My grocery store did not have them then either! Maybe they are seasonal? I always have dates on hand in the house 🙂 Well, I have the maker and we are going to probably make two batches. One for breakfast and one after dinner! I’ll let you know how it goes!

    • I should also mention that I am currently obsessed with chia pudding… oh how funny so off-blog topic…that’s what the Pilates is for: to balance out all that ice cream! mmm

  4. Yes now we are off Pilates topic….unless we can quickly relate chia pudding to an exercise. I’m curious what the ingredients are? I think I will google this! I love chia seeds, but flax seeds even more. Great to mix them with almonds, dates and coconut oil.

  5. Yes to length! I learned that lesson with my troubled hips a couple years back. Longer is better!

    • Oh yes, Eliza I agree. I am learning about length with regard to the hips right now – It is fantastic when I can get it. Here’s to Length! Huzzah!

  6. Andrea, absolutely GORGEOUS twist you have pictured. I just recently learned how not to crank and hinge from the ribcage in order to get more twist.

    Yup, lift, lift, lift up and forward, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen and twisting-with-resistance is what really wrings out the waist.

    • Arlene – thank you so much for sharing your comments! You do me much honor 🙂

      The twist is such a more lovely experience with length isn’t it? Cranking is the perfect word for what I was doing too – ha ha – and it is really length all around in every direction to get that lift in the back and length in the legs, reach in the fingers, ah, and it all leads to deliciousness!

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