1 Pilates Uber-Concept PLUS Introducing the Workout Quickie!

1 Pilates Uber-Concept PLUS Introducing the Workout Quickie!

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I am thrilled to have you along for the wild ride through our beloved Pilates method.

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Just a few morsels for you this week, Pilates friends!

This weekend I've been treating myself to birthday goodies. I think all of you deserve a gift as well.

The gift is from Joe Pilates to all of us…

Following up on last week's post, here's another take on how to utilize our apparatus and exercises at the Wall.

See what you think – and maybe all those exercises on the stomach will become our new favorites. 🙂

Introducing the Workout Quickie!

My 2nd treat this week is a quick and vigorous, brief but necessary Pilates workout on the fly.

Use it for a little pick-me-up during your work week.

Thanks for watching and for being some of the best-ever, most-awesomeness-possessing Pilates peeps around. Cheers, big hugs and a juicy back stretch to you all!

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  1. Love the quickie! Thanks for sharing another great workout with lots of variety!

  2. Awesome quickie! Would love to see more quickie workouts! Love your blog posts! I hope you decide to do a workshop in Arizona!

    • Thanks Parm for your feedback. And yes, stay tuned for more quickie workouts in the near future. Thank you so much for your kind words on the blog as well…if there is a studio near you that might want to host a workshop event, please have them contact me – I would welcome the opportunity, thank you! Keep up the good work 🙂

  3. OMG, I loved this workout quickie (and your super cute daisy duo)! It works great before work too and soooo what I need right now; quick, vigorous yet manageable mentally and physically 🙂 Thanks!

    Also, the stomach tutorial was great because you know what I really noticed last week as the Reformer was working its magic? On the Long Box Series (or even Swan on the Ladder Barrel) I really can “let it go” and dump into that low back (your keen eye has seen and mentioned this to moi as I am quite literally lounging on that box)…so I am really going to try and work on that this week. Any tips for taking this trick vertical? ie: how to pull the stomach in like mad and gather that length with no support while kneeling in Thigh Stretch?

    p.s. new window treatment looks fab!!

    • Hey there 🙂

      Glad you found the quickie to be ideal for the beginning of your day as well. Yes, the time frame and thoroughness of the exercises are manageable just as you said so perfectly!

      As for taking the length in the back while on your stomach vertical…hmmm…you can get the length in the back vertical in the Wall exercises, and you could even use Swan on the Barrel to find length (and the shape of the barrel) in the back and then try to keep it as you continue to Swan… or even better let’s look at a Thigh Stretch exercise at the ladder Barrel – if we haven’t already… and I think it will help with the taking the length vertical thingie…

      And glad you like the new video backdrop – I mean window shade – I love it!! And now let there be MORE LIGHTS and all will be perfect LOL

      • Thanks! I’m picking up what you are laying down on the vertical help…will try to transfer some Wall and Swan. Never tried Thigh Stretch on Ladder Barrel but would love to try it! Speaking of the Ladder Barrel, remind me to show you something I’m flustered about ;)…cu soon! xo

        • Ooh I can’t wait – and yes Thigh Stretch on the Ladder Barrel – I promise. It’s part of a larger standing stretches series on the Barrel, so we can talk about that too 🙂 And I don’t like to see my Corrie flustered so let’s get on that too… 🙁

          • Ok…so I revisited this quickie workout and added the Grasshopper in; I admit, I always left it out before you walked me through it last week! So…you get serious vertical with the legs in the air, like straight up and down…and you also go up on an exhale…hmmm I find this Grasshopper insect very challenging; how to keep the upper body solid? Keep pushing on rung without locking elbows!? and I seem to lose that “reach” as legs go over head (dump in low back)….ok will keep trying…this is good; it’s taking me away from my MAT OCD 🙂 thanks as always! xo

          • Corrie,

            Let’s have a look at the insect when I see you next… but as you practice… consider your upper body reach – a la Double Leg Pull. It is still there – and necessary, but harder to get at – you’ve got the lower body one very nicely, so lift and reach from that waist girl 😉
            Glad to help with the Mat OCD…I seem to be a flip-flopper at the moment. Stuck on the Foot Corrector, Mat and Small Barrel.

            Oooh, while I am at it, anyone want to participate in a little Small Barrel project? I might need some accountability… actually everyone here if you have a Small Barrel or Spine Corrector, you can play along with me… let me know in a comment if you want to play. I will mention in next week’s post too so we can see if others are interested as well… Alessandra? Clare? I promise it will be fun, feel good and just take 15 minutes each day for a month… uh-oh did I lose you? xox

          • Right. LIFT. REACH. Let’s revisit the insect but I understand what you are sayin’ (thumbs up)!

            YES! Small Barrel 🙂 It’s on. Sounds intriguing…tell us more …

          • Stay tuned for next week’s post and I will divulge my little project you can all participate in… I promise it will be fun and feel delicious… xo

  4. Patricia rothman says

    Hello Andrea love the tutorials and the quickies are so helpful. Would love to make the Washington DC workshop. I’ll try my best!

    • Hi Patricia!
      Thanks so much for reading, watching and working out with me 🙂 I would love to see you when I am in DC – thank you. I shall keep my fingers crossed. Keep up the good work and have an awesome weekend! xo

  5. Alessandra says

    Hey there! Firstly Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good time, whenever it was/is!!
    Secondly, thanks for another two informative video tutorials (love them) and blog post!!

    Ah yes, that vertical lift thingy :-), am thinking that this is what I’m trying to find in my short box…? Still practicing that one 🙂 …
    Happily, though, I may have finally found it in footwork – and other exercises where I’m lying down on my back! Basic, I know, but I have to start somewhere!!

    My favourite quickie workout would be the spine corrector exercises – trying to find length and lift – that’s my mantra – swiftly followed by the arm/leg springs series on the tower and/or reformer footwork, 100, frogs/circles, which I find really ground me…
    There’s so much repertoire that you can always find something to suit your mood, I find! #ilovepilates #pilatesgeeksrock


    • Alessandra!!

      Oh you make some fabulous points in your comment 🙂 And yes, sadly I must report that all the lifty-thingies must happen in the Short Box. You are correct! I am still practicing those as well…you can always – it seems – get more lift.

      And kudos to you for finding the lift in the Footwork, no easy feat (oop bad pun). I like your quickie workout and yes there are so many different exercises and apparatus to choose from whatever your mood – so true.

      I finished work at 7pm last night and I need a workout on Wednesdays as I have my lesson on Mondays. So I did a Mat and small barrel workout while I watched the presidential debate…needed to stay grounded LOL…and can’t get too upset while doing Pilates, right? It was perfect.

      Have a great weekend and thank you so much for our chats here, I so look forward to “seeing” you here and catching up. xo

      • Alessandra says

        ???? oooh! A workout with Trumpy Trump and Ms Clinton!! What fun???? I like a bit of 70’s soul in the background to help me find my groove! ???????? Now my secrets are coming out!!
        Yes I’ll definitely be visiting California sometime next year! I’ll keep you posted????


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