2 Resolutions to Forever Endear you to your Pilates Instructor

2 Resolutions to Forever Endear you to your Pilates Instructor

January: the time of year when we've all got big plans on the horizon. ‘Exercise More' often tops our lists of resolutions. You, the Pilates devotee are well ahead of the curve on this one. No pun intended. So check out these sure-fire ways to be a super-awesome Pilates student in 2013.

1. Learn your order

Chances are if you have been a regular Pilates student for a while, you have at least some idea of which exercises you do. Some are more memorable than others, some are clearly unforgettable and others are perhaps painful memories that you block from your mind. Regardless, honing your focus to learn the order of the exercises will enhance your Pilates prowess immeasurably. You will add challenge to your workout as you move with from one exercise to the next with purpose. You will increase your control and build stamina.

Yes, there's a lot to think about, but it is your workout. Remember you are learning skills for life, not just party tricks where you Open Leg Rocker on the kitchen countertop.

We all do that, right?

2. Do a mat workout *gasp* at home between visits to the studio

2 Resolutions to Forever Endear you to your Pilates Instructor

Challenge yourself to begin with just 5 exercises (7 for you overachievers): 100, roll up, single leg circle, roll like a ball, (single leg pull, double leg pull) and spine stretch. This should not take you more than 15 minutes even with a cheat sheet. Ultimately you could begin every day with just these few exercises and be done in 5 minutes. And feel virtuous…!

The mat exercises were considered homework in Joe Pilates' studio. They are a great way to check in with your body without the distractions of the studio and your instructor all up in your grille.

Diligent work at home may uncover questions about a particular exercise to ask your instructor and therefore deepen your understanding of the exercise, the Pilates method, and ultimately your body.

Use the video links above for expert guidance from Alisa Wyatt and myself, via Pilatesology. You may surprise yourself and remember all your exercises, even the nasty ones. I find the hardest part to be just lying down on the mat to begin.

In the words of my budding-Pilates-Superstar husband, “Sometimes the Hundred is enough.” But you know, while you're down there…

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