1. You rock sister, it is so true the leg circle is all about control and scooping in and up with your abs.

  2. Sarah Gallimore says

    Andrea – thanks for making me smile this morning – Pilates with knowledge AND humour!! We need a bit more of that! Any hot tips for prone ‘Rocking’?!

    • Sarah, thanks so much for sharing your comments. And glad you could have a smiley morning, always a good thing.

      Thanks for your question about the Rocking on the Mat – that one would make for a good post as well, a fine suggestion. Keep an eye out for it in the future. I remember doing that exercise in front of Romana for the first time. I was so revved up and wanted to make my Rocking so fabulous I rocked myself into a crazy calf cramp…LOL, impressive… 🙂


  1. For more tips about how to use your stomach in the Side Kick Series and the One Leg Circles check out Andrea’s interview on Pilates Bridge!

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