Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition

Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition

I've got a lovely British colleague, Amy Kellow. Amy is the owner of Everybody Pilates, a Classical Pilates franchise based in Portsmouth.

I am very fortunate to work with her via Skype. Amy is just as nerdy as yours truly and in her last lesson she delighted me with one of my favourite games.

You know it well.

It’s that a-ha moment when you realize that Exercise A (which you are currently in the midst of) is crazy helpful for Exercise B (which maybe you find more challenging or elusive).

“This exercise is just like [insert the name of any other Pilates exercise here].”

Beyond the Double Leg Pull: UK Edition


Today’s Key Players

Exercise A = Butterfly on the Cadillac

Exercise B = The Saw on the Mat

Hmmm, I'm not sure I am a fan of either of these exercises, maybe this will help me feel the love…

This week I've got a Special Guest to help me…

Try it yourself and be sure to tell me tell me all about it.

(Please note that the “exploratory” pace as I compare these two exercises is not ideal. Slower is not better, yo. OMG and so many chirping birds!)

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  1. Skype, I heart you! I could really see that Butterfly spring reach in your 2nd Saw…you stayed so lifted! SO not about “sawing off your pinky toe” 😉 Thanks for teaming up w/Amy and sharing the fun convo and super Saw tip with the masses 🙂

    • Hi Corrie!
      You got it – Saw is SO much more than sawing off your pinky toe 🙂 Thanks for watching our nerdy Saw conversation…now I want an iMac in each room of the studio LOL. Why am I not using that to teach on Skype? Stay tuned…And I too saw my right side actually lift – imagine!! xox See you on Friday, my lovely…

      • omg, can you imagine a teaching screen in every room! that would be insanely awesome. camera 1, going to camera 3 🙂 heck, even with one camera, your teaching is the best! cu soon! #offtothebunkertotrythisout

  2. Thanks Andrea and Amy! What great and genuine energies you have both of you.

    Yes. Watching and listening to the most finest teachers together about the “Saw mat work exercise” – keep all connected and I can see and feel the difference using the spring even when I am on the mat. It’s also very helpful how Amy Kellow introduces our imagination and the power of our body to engage in the movement and perform it truly in the present moment.

    Thanks both of you for enlightening my path today,


    • Luz,

      Hello – I hope you are doing well – thank you so much for reading and watching – I thought you might like this one – it was so fun to have Amy “in my studio” for the video. I think it may happen again – yay! Keep up the good work Luz and I hope we can see each other soon 🙂

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