Classical Pilates Convention UK 2014

Classical Pilates Convention UK

Who knew this year's Classical Pilates Convention UK would be even more amazing than last year?


And guess whose bottom still hurts from the Toe Corrector?

I  Mejo.

Thank you so much Everybody Pilates for your uber-cool hand in creating the warmest, smoothest 3-Day Pilates Education experience ever created. I have a big old-fashioned love pang for you Amy and Ed and all your friendly staff.

Classical Pilates Convention UK 2014

What did I learn this weekend?

  • A first-time-to-Pilates client can fall madly in love with Jay Grimes in less time than it takes to do the Hundred.
  • Mejo Wiggin and Karen Frischmann have boundless knowledge, enthusiasm and smiles for all participants at all times.
  • Amy Kellow and Alisa Wyatt ROCK THE HOUSE!! Both deliver brilliant Pilates workshops with the greatest of skill and ease.
  • Oh, and just how many Teasers can you “suggest” participants do in 2.5 hours?



Classical Pilates Convention UK

I also love when Gratz Industries is in attendance. It’s wonderful to connect with David and Russell to express my love and devotion to their wonderful and legendary apparatus. Sadly I was too busy to shop for Pilates toys…although I did spy some fuzzy covers for the metal handles that I may very soon covet purchase.

Classical Pilates Convention UK 2014Pilates Giveaways!

One happy attendee walked away in style after winning some chic swag courtesy of Pilates Nerd.

Drop Karen Ellis (Queen Nerd) a short note to share your love for her sweet T-shirts, jumpers and notebooks.

I quite fancy the sticky notes myself…

Global Pilates Love

Finally, a big warm gooey thank you to the lovely dedicated blog readers who came up to say hi with many a kind word and a giggle.

Oh. So. Truly. Appreciated.

I love to connect with you at these events and I can’t thank you enough for all your encouraging words and positive vibes.

Awesome, I say! You are all AWESOME.

Classical Pilates Convention UK

So cheers to you dear friends from Norway, UK, Quatar, Sweden, Italy, Finland and Australia. Much love to you all.

E adesso, buongiorno a Roma! Ci vediamo dopo…

Classical Pilates Convention UK

Don't worry, I ate the whole thing 🙂

Yay for Pilates!

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