The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

In the order of the Pilates Mat exercisesBoomerang sets us off on a rolling spree: Boomerang, Seal and Crab.

Extra points for that.

Most importantly it puts an end to the Leg-Pull-One-Side-Kick-ness section of the workout.

Good news all around.

Finding the 2-way Stretch

The 2-way stretch is an amazing lens through which to view your workout.

With lots of body parts to keep track of, the 2-way stretch creates a streamlined and singular theme for your workout.

Many exercises offer the 2-way stretch in a straightforward manner. Consider our quintessential guide to all things oppositional, the Double Leg Pull.

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

Conversely, there are numerous exercises which turn us literally upside down and backwards. The body position of the exercise can challenge our ability to effectively connect our upper and especially our lower body into the center.

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

The Tendon Stretch pictured above, can be a challenge to connect and use the lower body efficiently. Our arms and upper body may want to take over the exercise and the support for our feet is not stable.

How to connect?

Another challenging position for me is when I am seated. Finding the lower body connection sitting on my butt seems problematic.

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

The Rowing Series 1+2 presents a similar position to our Tendon Stretch but with a different set of Pilates problems. Here we are seated with nothing to reach our feet into and once again at the mercy of our overworking arms.

The Reverse Push Thru on the Cadillac is an exercise presenting a similar body shape.

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

All three of the exercises in this post, the Reverse Push Thru especially, have caused me to ask the question:

“How are these exercises, the Tendon Stretch, Rowing 1+2 and the Reverse Push Thru, like all the other exercises in the Pilates system?”

Where is the 2-way stretch?

Enter the Boomerang

The Pilates System: Make Boomerang your Secret Weapon

Notice the similarity of position here in the Boomerang to our Tendon Stretch, Rowing 1+2 and the Reverse Push Thru.

At last!

A good rolling exercise is brilliant tool to illuminate our 2-way stretch.

The interplay of our dynamic opposition is imperative for success in rolling exercises. Lose connection to half of your body and the rolling suffers at best, and at worst it clunks to a stop.

Reach your lower body in the same manner as in our rolling exercise and see how much can come alive in our seated position exercises. It's a game changer.

All you have to do is say the magic word: Boomerang!

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  1. The bOOmerang does look like all those others. Fascinating! Question…I wonder why, if we are reaching thru the feet are the legs crossed? It seems like that prohibits the leg/foot reach, sorta…but I guess the cross also adds a nice opposition if you can find it (unlike me)…I never know what to do with my arms? Push down into the Mat as we roll? Do we eventually clasp hands and reach “up” like Rowing 2 or plank the arms and press up? I find this exercise soooo challenging! When I get to it, my body automatically grumbles and wants to Seal-it instead! I am really liking the FB clips of each Mat exercise btw, very helpful reference 🙂 Peace.Out.Pilates.People.

    • Hey there –

      You are so right – there are so many options for arms here – LOL. Let’s talk Boomerang when I see you next. I learned one first that had a lot of Teaser/Rowing bells and whistles in it – we’ll do it plus the version I do now, more Joe-ish and we’ll see which one speaks the most to your body. The hands really should not help you get it rolling in the beginning, and yes the hands can clasp for a great stretch in the kiss your knees moment of rolling. Thanks Corrie, those little videos were such fun to make all month long 🙂 But now get back on your Reformer. kisses.

      • Yes! Let’s investigate this Boomer. Speaking of Reformer, I’ve been having a blast on it this week. I’m going at a snail’s pace, maybe a chicken’s…and really finding the lift in the lower back which I 10000% attribute to the Barrel of Love Challenge. That is what led me to the Snake Twist video I sent you (and also realizing I was doing the Side Pull up with the wrong leg forward…ha!!! ) I’m still just not feeling this Snake and seeing all things twist-ee are a challenge; who knew I couldn’t twist!! I guess I am pretty straight-forward in general 🙂 Let’s just go to Spain!! See you Friday! xo

        • Hi there –

          Where is the Snake Twist video? Where did you send it? I did not see… Boo… Looking forward to seeing you this week for lots of Pilates fun and magic LOL! I am still feeling the Barrel of Love challenge too – I can never stop doing these exercises!! xox Yes, let’s meet up for a Pilates holiday next year in Spain. Alessandra you have the right idea. And I’ve not had the pleasure of being in Spain…yet!

  2. Alessandra says

    Funnily I actually feel more reach through my feet when I have my legs crossed… the slight turnout helps me to find more seat -probably because I slightly pronate i.e. Knock-knee’d…
    I’m with you on the hand thing… I was taught to keep my hands pressed to the mat until you find that pesky teaser shape when you reach the arms forward to help the lift in the upper body… but have seen it done a few different ways…????
    I found that rowing 1 and 2 and the reverse push through (which I’m always working on) helps the lift further when hands clasp round the back…. I love this exercise though…
    Looking forward to practicing this next week when I’m home from vacation ???? Restricted floor space in my hotel room and too many glasses of Spanish rose hinder the full boomerang experience I find!! ????????????????????????
    #pilatesgeek on #vacation ????????????
    Excellent reading material though for sun lounger!!
    Thanks Andrea xoxo

    • Hey there – Could Spanish rose hinder the Boomerang? This is an experiment I could get into… Your trip sounds divine and I look forward to seeing you soon! xox #pilatesgeeksinparadise

      • I think some Spanish rose might actually lend me some better BOOMERANG action!! 🙂 Go Alessandra!

        • Alessandra says

          #goodidea ladies???????? Maybe we could visit UNO pilates… ???? Love those boys???? (Worth a google!!) …. #somethingtothinkabout????????????????…. and meantime totally agree about the exercises on the #barreloflove !!! I feel a big difference both when I’m on the mat and the reformer!! And my clients who took up the challenge are also looking amazing! Yay! So thanks to Andrea for such a great idea and looking forward to a few glasses of Californian rosé with you both later this summer ???????????????? (flights being booked v soon????)

          • Helllloooo UNO. In the States UNO is just a card game…about that Spain trip… 😉

          • Ooh this is ALL good news – barrel love, happy clients and CA dreaming in the summer – woo hoo! Looking forward to it.

  3. Alessandra says

    ???? LOL!! Yes I ❤️ uno the card game…. I remember playing that years ago whilst drinking tequila ????????????????!! Anyhoo…. back to pilates… ???? Looking forward to seeing Andrea in London soon… and to meeting you Cor in California…

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