The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

In last week's post I threw down the gauntlet.

I've given myself a 30-day posture intervention on the Small Barrel.

Today makes 7 days in.

23 more to go…

What I've been doing…

Today's video workout features my 30-day Small Barrel workout. I do my exercises at least 2x each day. I like to do 1 time in the early morning before I start my day and another time later in the evening after work.

I've done my exercises as late as directly before bed.

That's nice too.

What I've noticed so far…

  • I now feel back muscles that run up and down the center of my back. It feels like I've convinced them to work to hold me up better.
  • My back feels fantastic.
  • I've become hyper-aware of how I hold myself in daily activities: when I look into the mirror to apply makeup I have particularly bad head-forward-crunchy-neck-posture…how NOT beautiful.
  • I curl my body up when I sleep. These exercises done first thing in the morning feel amazingly invigorating: such wonderful wake-up exercises!
  • In this video my shoulders are more flexible overhead than I have ever seen in photos of myself. Interested to see how this develops over the next 23 days.

Observations from others…

Body awareness during everyday tasks has been a big eye opener for other Small Barrel Project participants.

How we use our bodies during our daily lives is a big part of our day, right?

And generally we do these slumpy things to ourselves. How nice to have our round apparatus to help us stay upright. Thanks Joe!

Exercises in this video…

Circles (with 1lb. weights)

The Small Barrel Project: One week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

Breathing (with bar)

The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

Change position on Barrel


The Small Barrel Project: One Week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

Hip Twist

The Small Barrel Project: One week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!


The Small Barrel Project: One week in!The Small Barrel Project: One week in!

Enjoy this short workout. 

Join me for 30 days and let's see what happens 🙂

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  1. Hey there!
    #imwithyou❤️ seven days of #the-barrel-of-love???? (stole that from you Cor!!) and what a difference a barrel makes!! I feel noticibly looser and more open in my spine, although still more length needed????This then allows me a stronger connection to my centre and also feeling the connection of my arms into my back ???? yay!! I really felt a difference in the short box series, knees stretches and stomach massage, which I was practicing today. If I throw in some strong breathing (through my nose, obvs ????) I can feel my practice opening up and getting stronger…. Looking forward to the next phase of the barrel of love!! ❤️❤️❤️ thanks for such a brilliant idea Andrea!! #rockon #pilatesgeeksunite!!

    • Yes! Agreed Alessandra! I told Andrea this as I geeked out last week…that…I really noticed, putting on my socks of all things (still cold in Montana); I instinctively pulled in my center and rolled down (and up) from my center and did not “arch” like I used too…it was like automatic! I also notice with many of the Mat exercises, I am able to “stack” my spine more, like I can feel each vertebrae more or something. It’s freaky but something is happening! Also, my anatomy expert massage buddy said to me when she saw me “…what have you been doing, your shoulders are open and back further than I’ve ever seen them”…and the only thing I have been doing is the #barrel-of-love challenge! Exciting to see what will lie ahead for us Barell-Challengers! Stay rollin’ and open…xo

      • Alessandra says

        Yes I agree! Felt easier today when I leant over to pull my boots on and when I reached up in the cupboard to retrieve my coffee beans.. both essential for London living… boots and coffee ☕️ ????????????…and apparently #barrel-of-love too! ????

        • Ok ladies, are we having our Pilates and Martinis in April? This is a pressing matter we must plan… #capilatesmartiniparty OMG!

          • Hey there!! Sadly I won’t be in California til August this year! But meantime we can have a practice Martini in London in May..????????… then we’ll be well rehearsed when we get together in August ????… Cor -am thinking there’s no chance you might be in London in May? ????????????….#pilatesgeeksunite

          • It’s a deal – practice Martinis in May in London – yay! And then yes California in August sounds perfect actually. OMG Corrie in London in May? Could that happen? Wow that would be super fun… let’s send that one out to the universe 🙂

    • Alessandra,

      Wow, lots of good things happening for you with the Small Barrel Project. Yay! Thanks for sharing your observations here. My neck now seems to only enjoy doing the barrel exercises and just doesn’t like its usual daily life posture anymore ha ha…

      But I am really excited now to see what goes on during 30 days… the more I do the exercises really spurs on my commitment to the challenge. Amazing this Pilates stuff. Although I should not neglect my foot corrector… #doismellournextchallenge

      Looking forward to seeing you soon!

      • Aargh!! #needtobuyfootcorrector ????

        Also… have to confess ????I’ve recently added on a side stretch on the small barrel… just to open my spine up in another way…#feelsgood ☺️

  2. Great Andrea! Going to try and teach as well
    Always wonderful workout

    I just share too xx

    Sending love,


    • Hi Luz!

      Glad you are joining in on the challenge and teaching these amazing exercises to your clients. Sending love to you too and I am happy I will see you in LA in a couple weeks 🙂 xox

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