1. I think we should practice an exercise that identifies with us. Taking into consideration the type of physical effort of each. In my case the method more practical for me was the Pilates because I have back pain.

    Loved very Her tips

    I have saved in My Favorites

    Kisses, love Pilates

    • Alessandra,

      Thank you so much for watching and for sharing your kind words and comments. I agree – we all find the exercise method that speaks to us. I am often surprised by how much I love the Pilates method. It is so empowering and yes, oh so good for the back. And that I have to say, leads me to today’s workout on the Reformer – here I go!

      Cheers to you and thanks for being awesome 🙂

  2. Its an amazing collection of tips regarding Pilates. This exercise really helped me lot to recover in my back pain problem. My doctor suggested me to do normal stretches and exercises with my medication.

    I thankful to you that you shared this amazing resource.

    • James,

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your comments – and wow! – so excited to hear your success in recovering from back pain. Good for you! Changes and results like this make me extremely happy and a veritable evangelist for the Pilates Method. This stuff works! I find the Pilates Method to be of supreme value to my own back health and I am so glad you do too. I am thrilled that you found this post a help to you. Cheers!

      Stay awesome,

  3. Awesome post about Pilates. It’s a shame that Yoga tends to gets all the attention when Pilates offers some great benefits. Great post and I’ll be sure to be back.

    • Hi Taylor – Looks like we have a similar passion for Pilates and providing quality content about the Method and its myriad benefits. Thanks so much for reading and sharing your comments – and keep up the good work 🙂

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