5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question Part 2

5 Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question Welcome to 5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question…

Part Deux!

Last week I asked 5 Top Pilates Blogs What is 1 Unsung Benefit of the Pilates Method?


This week's question almost builds on the last one. As a devout Pilates practitioner I believe if everyone could truly experience Pilates just once they would be hooked.

Pilates is experiential and once you feel the truth of what it can do for you it's just irresistible. But what would entice the newbie? One teensy (HUGE) thing that would seal the deal…

If there was one singular fact to share with the average Pilates consumer, potential Pilates enthusiasts, what would it be?

Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question
#1. Jennifer Kriesjenniferkries.com/blog

1st post 2009

“Pilates has played such a central role in my life since age 13, of course it made sense to pay homage to it this way.”


Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

Jennifer: Pilates is meant to be an extremely challenging and dynamic workout, one that tests your limits, challenges what you thought you knew about yourself in the arena of ability and expands your sense of capability and what is possible in your life as a result of performing the work the way it was meant to be done!


5 Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#2 Benjamin Degenhardtbenjamindegenhardt.com/articles

1st post 2011

“Initially I wanted it to be a place where I can post information for my students. But when I realized that many colleagues liked what I wrote, too, it became more of a resource for teachers. Ironically, all my students still read the website, and they love getting a deeper perspective on Pilates by looking at it through the teacher's lens. Hence, the tagline now reads: “Inspired education for Pilates enthusiasts.”

Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

Benjamin: I think overall Pilates has established itself as a great way to increase strength and flexibility, but many don’t know that Pilates really is about what is happening inside our bodies as well. Pilates is unique in that it deliberately stimulates and improves function in nearly all of the body’s systems, from the muscular and skeletal to the circulatory and respiratory systems – even the endocrine and digestive systems get a boost! Now that I am writing this I realize it doesn’t sound nearly as sexy as flat abs and improved posture, but then again – I happen to find good health incredibly sexy.


5 Top Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#3 Shari Berkowitz, theverticalworkshop.wordpress.com

1st post 2007

“Either in person or via emails I would receive questions from wonderful teachers. (Each day I still receive many questions and enjoy answering them all.) I wanted to have a place where I could share information to teachers on a broader scale. A place where teachers could turn to for the information they seek. The Pilates Teacher Blog developed from that!”

Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

Shari: It takes a commitment to yourself and the work to find the truest benefits. That means 3 sessions or classes a week on all apparatus. It is the entire method multiple times a week that will bring on the desired results…whatever the goal is. Many people will take one mat class a week and wonder why Pilates isn't changing their lives…but one of anything a week is not going to make much of a difference. Three times a week and moving on all apparatus is the key!

Of course, time and money are often limiting factors. With that, I say…then once a week or whatever you can do. I get it! But…maybe fewer lunches out, fewer coffee extravaganzas at Starbucks and fewer of something else will afford you another class or even a session!

It's always a balance of time and money. We can all make choices.


5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#4 Kara Wilykarawilypilates.com/blog

1st post 2012

“I blog about Pilates to increase SEO for the website to my studio so that more people in the area can find me for lessons.  For people who are not in the area, I would still like to educate the public and other Pilates teachers about the work and give more nuanced information about the Pilates Method than what I often see published.”

Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

Kara: That they can practice Pilates on their own–in my opinion it is most powerful when it is a self-practice and a way of intimately connecting with myself.


5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#5 Marguerite Oglepilates.about.com

1st post 2006

“My blog is part of About.com, and I have written hundreds of full articles and exercise instructions as well. I applied for the job because it was a good combination of skills and interests for me: Pilates, writing, web, and marketing. I've had a great time blogging and writing about Pilates. I really love it, and I love the Pilates community — as diverse as it is.”

Q2: What is one key piece of information that escapes the average Pilates consumer?

Marguerite: That you can do Pilates yourself for free. I am a huge believer in everyone getting proper instruction. However, many would-be Pilates practitioners think their only avenue to Pilates-based fitness is to continuously take Pilates classes, which is too expensive for many. I want people to know that Joseph Pilates fully intended his method, especially the mat work, to be practiced at home; and while it takes a certain amount of tenacity, you can make a tremendous amount of progress on your own. Classes are important, but making Pilates personal makes it last.

What would you like the average Pilates consumer to know right off the bat? Please share your comments below.

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  1. I am amazed how everyone thinks Pilates is a mystery! If you do the work you feel the benifits!

  2. Any movement-related activity that integrates the mind, body, and breath that you stick with provides benefits. I happen to have chosen Pilates and, to a lesser extent, yoga, as my activities of choice. I have been practicing Pilates since 1998 and continue to see changes in my body, not only in the physical sense, but also in how it functions. AND, it just never gets easier, which is why I keep at it! 🙂

    • That’s the truly motivational part about Pilates…the more you know just makes it harder…and makes us more determined. I am continually amazed by the depth and the long-term benefits of the Pilates exercises 🙂

  3. There is no such thing as an average Pilates consumer.

    • You bring up a good point, Edgar. Perhaps it would be better described as just “the average consumer” or “the average fitness consumer”. Once you have chosen Pilates you are clearly not average 🙂 Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts.

  4. Thanks for posting this list of the top blogs for pilates! Most people are concerned whether they will get the best exercise regimen or not. I will check these blogs if they can provide the best exercise methods.

  5. Good question! And yes, plenty of people seem to forget that Pilates- indeed any form of exercise- takes effort and a little pain before things become easier.

  6. Great article. Thank you for listing these incredible writers. As much as I love the “5 exercises to target this body part” type articles, reading well written articles that go further and talk about the mind, body and spirit side of things is so inspiring!

    • Thanks Dianne – I was really thrilled with the responses I got from all five of these fantastic teachers, I’m so glad you enjoyed it 🙂 Happy Pilates Weekend to you and thanks for reading!

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