5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question

5 Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question


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5 Pilates Blogs. 1 Burning Question.

Some geeking required.

Just 1 question?!

I know, what was I thinking? Welcome to the first of 3 posts – yes 3 burning questions they were gracious enough to answer! – in this shout out to blogs devoted wholeheartedly to the life's work of Joe Pilates.

Trolling the Pilates blogosphere as I am wont to do, I spend a considerable amount of time reading about Pilates technique, teaching pointers, new products, equipment raves and rants, and inspirational success stories.

I chose prolific bloggers – single-author blogs – who deliver insightful posts and epic content. And boy oh boy, they did not disappoint. On my initial reading of some of the answers I almost stood up and cheered. Okay, I did cheer.

Q1: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates method?

We have all heard the standard list of benefits of a consistent Pilates regimen. Highlights include long lean muscles, better posture, a nice butt and – gosh we hope so – a six-pack wall of abdominal muscles. However, there are numerous huge benefits that nobody really talks about. So aside from the aesthetics and the hype (albeit well-deserved and the truth), what other rewards can your Pilates workout give you?

5 Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question #1. Jennifer Kries, jenniferkries.com/blog

1st post 2009

“Pilates has played such a central role in my life since age 13, of course it made sense to pay homage to it this way.”

Q: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates Method?

Jennifer: For me, the unsung benefit is the remarkable mood-boosting that occurs from a workout. Each and every time, I experience a radical transformation in how I feel mentally, which to me is directly connected to that incredible feeling of space and ease and aliveness in the body after a Pilates session.


5 Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#2 Benjamin Degenhardt, benjamindegenhardt.com/articles

1st post 2011

“Initially I wanted it to be a place where I can post information for my students. But when I realized that many colleagues liked what I wrote, too, it became more of a resource for teachers. Ironically, all my students still read the website, and they love getting a deeper perspective on Pilates by looking at it through the teacher's lens. Hence, the tagline now reads: “Inspired education for Pilates enthusiasts.”

Q: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates Method?

Benjamin: One of my favorite aspects of practicing Pilates is the built-in massage. I can’t count the times I went into my practice wishing I went to a spa instead, but leaving just as rejuvenated as if I did – if not more. Because of the way we move the body in Pilates, it truly massages itself. As Joe Pilates said: “the entire body is wrung-out like a wet towel.” What other workout will do that for you?


5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#3 Kara Wilykarawilypilates.com/blog

1st post 2012

“I blog about Pilates to increase SEO for the website to my studio so that more people in the area can find me for lessons.  For people who are not in the area, I would still like to educate the public and other Pilates teachers about the work and give more nuanced information about the Pilates Method than what I often see published.”

Q: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates Method?

Kara: I think that in the Pilates technique I get a little microcosm of life.  I have challenges that I meet, a work ethic to manifest, discipline, fun, joy in my accomplishments.  I must take personal responsibility for getting done what only I have power to control and to change.  These are really powerful concepts that I am just starting to understand that I have explored just in dealing with my physical body and it does help me to then to practice these principles in other aspects of my life.


5 Top Pilates Blogs Answer 1 Burning Question#4 Marguerite Ogle, pilates.about.com

1st post 2006

“My blog is part of About.com, and I have written hundreds of full articles and exercise instructions as well. I applied for the job because it was a good combination of skills and interests for me: Pilates, writing, web, and marketing. I've had a great time blogging and writing about Pilates. I really love it, and I love the Pilates community — as diverse as it is.”

Q: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates Method?

Marguerite: There are a lot of benefits of Pilates that may have been considered unsung a while ago but are getting attention now — mostly because of the proliferation of Pilates articles online. Things like better sleep or sex, and importantly the body/mind/spirit connection are examples. So I'm going to go with the fact that Pilates is an interesting and beneficial companion for life. Pilates is not like a sport or fitness method that has a peak and then you go downhill. How one practices — the level of challenge, the equipment, the venue — might change, but Pilates movement principles remain viable and supportive of good health throughout ones life.


5 Top Pilates Bloggers Answer 1 Burning Question#5 Shari Berkowitz, theverticalworkshop.wordpress.com

1st post 2007

“Either in person or via emails I would receive questions from wonderful teachers. (Each day I still receive many questions and enjoy answering them all.) I wanted to have a place where I could share information to teachers on a broader scale. A place where teachers could turn to for the information they seek. The Pilates Teacher Blog developed from that!”

Q: What is 1 unsung benefit of the Pilates Method?

Shari: The consumer doesn't realize that he/she is actually going to develop an entirely new way of life. Pilates is more than a workout, but a lifestyle of sorts. The actions for increased stability and mobility that you do in the 55 minute workout go with you when you leave the studio…and become the actions of your life! It's always a beautiful surprise to the clients when they realize that this is more than a simple workout.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned next week for Q2!

TMI Andrea

Ok, I simply can't stop myself. My favorite unglamorous perk of practicing Pilates? Digestive Health. C'mon we all want it, but no one's slappin' it on the cover of Pilates Style magazine…

Have some unglamorous perks of Pilates that you particularly enjoy? Do tell. Leave a comment below and join the conversation…

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  1. I started pilates and still do my own pilates practice to prevent back pain due to my herniated disks in my lower back. My body tells me if I have been slacking off, teaching too much and not staying true to my original mission when I started as a student in 2001.
    I love all the comments of the other bloggers and can attest to all the wonderful benefits they list. (All American Betsy, PMA Cert. Pilates Teacher, & aspiring pilates blogger)

    • Thanks so much Betsy – funny how our bodies let us know when we slack off – or fall off the Pilates wagon, shall we say 🙂 I myself had a lot of neck stiffness before I started Pilates and then one day I realized that it was totally gone…and I thought hmmmmm… Thank you so much for reading and sharing your comment. Stay tuned for next week’s post and question #2!

  2. Very interesting site – enjoyed browsing.

    Unglamorous benefits of Pilates?… Well, in that it’s an aspect that didn’t get me a flatter stomach, etc…but it brought me closer to my wife Sarah.

    6 years ago, having been married for 20 years, it occurred to her that we weren’t doing anything together as a couple and she invited me to one of the Pilates classes she went to. I humoured her (thinking it was like Tai Chi and full of octogenarian women all saying ‘woosa’….).

    OMG, I found it such hard work and couldn’t do most of the moves. VERY embarrassing in a class where everyone else WAS a woman.

    As Sarah secretly knew, this fired the extremely competitive spirit in me and I became hooked on doing it as well as her and all the other women.

    We had a common interest again…..

    And now,,,,,, I am a qualified teacher. That said, I’m not terribly flexible and she can still do some moves better than me.

    It took me ages to qualify (2 years) and I used to joke that what kept me going was the prospect of being able to (legitimately) tell her, in public, to “get down and gimme ten…”. To date, this hasn’t happened. Although it’s possible as she does attend my classes, I choose life….

    • Simon, this is the best story! Thank you for sharing with me and spending time with your spouse is quite a perk of Pilates I must say. I agree – Pilates really brings out the competitiveness in us…when others do Pilates, often it just doesn’t look like they are doing anything…and I think – “I can do that!” And then I find out how hard it is. The better you do the exercises the more effortless it should appear – ha ha. And thanks for spending some time browsing my website 🙂

  3. I finished my training not too long ago and I’m super excited to read so much from you guys! You make us all better! Thank you for sharing your knowledge 🙂

  4. Andrea, I love what you said to Simon. I said exactly the same thing to a client this morning, “think of making an exercise look effortless, usually when it looks effortless you’re on the right track!”

    Love your blog!

    • Dianne,
      Thank you so much for reading and sharing your thoughts and experiences here…so true – make it look like you could do that exercise all day long and never let ’em see you sweat – LOL. Hope you are having a great Pilates day 🙂

  5. Hi! I haven’t tried pilates, yet. Too scared and I haven’t gathered enough confidence yet. 😀 But looking at your post and the comments, pilates exercises look promising and exciting. Do you have any suggestions for first timers like me? Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Hi Vidivir!

      Thank you so much for reading and for sharing your comments.

      Yes, Pilates is such wonderful stuff for our bodies and well-being. There are lots of places online – and of course in person – for first timers.

      If you are in a location where you can attend a class in person, that is ideal. You can supplement your real-time experiences with online workouts from youtube – there are great resources on my channel and also on Pilatesology. Online subscription services, Pilatesology is an example, have lots of options – for Mat exercises especially if you don’t have the Pilates equipment – and I have a basic program called Start a Daily Habit, that takes you through fundamental exercises and finishing sequences.

      Skype lessons are also an option if you are in a remote area, and they are gaining in popularity. Also Joe Pilates’ book of his philosophy and Mat exercises is a great resource – It is called Return to Life and it is available at amazon.com.

      I’m very excited to have inspired you to begin a Pilates practice!! Please let me know if can be of any further assistance on your journey. As you look around my site, let me know if there’s a topic you’d like to see featured in a blog post.

      Cheers to you!

  6. Nataliya Ramsay says

    This is such an informative blog. I have been doing Pilates for almost 3 years now and I have found them to be an amazing way to strengthen your internal and external body. It grooms you from inside and out, protecting you from so many problems such as back ache, obesity, etc. I follow all the blogs and videos I can find on Pilates to stay motivated. I go to Lifespan Pilates NYC and the staff over there is so helpful and motivational, the main reason why I love Pilates. I am attaching the link in cse anyone interested to join.https://lifespanpilates.com/

  7. This blog is really informative blog about pilates. Pilates is a really very good work-out and a very good way to stay fit.

  8. Hello,
    I like the blog is very nice information is looking caring for health.thank you for share this blog

  9. Hello,
    this is the blog given information is pilates is looking good. thank you for share this blog

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