Inside the Pilates Studio: Fredrik Prag

Fredrik and Elisabet Prag are the owners of Pilates Scandinavia, Stockholm.

Inside the Pilates Studio: Fredrik Prag

Okay this installation of the Inside the Pilates Studio is quite exciting…By now you have grasped the great love I have for the Pilates Method and all its trappings. So let's talk about Sweden.

I love films in general but if it is foreign film, oh boy, if I can read subtitles and watch a movie I can barely contain my enthusiasm. Make it a foreign documentary and I nearly have to peel myself off the ceiling. My love affair with Sweden began in perhaps a cliché sort of way: the Steig Larrson trilogy. Movies first, and by accident really. I had no idea what the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was about, but *you guessed it* it did have subtitles. A couple hours later I staggered out of the theatre. Mind. Blown. I would go on to watch all three Swedish films so many times I was convinced I could understand the dialogue without even reading. These proved to be a gateway drug to Larrson's novels, countless cups of coffee and also the works of Henning Mankell. Mostly the Wallander series but also some one-offs, most notably The Man from Beijing and The Depths. In my mind I traveled all over southern Sweden with Kurt Wallander, Mankell's famous Everyman inspector, and ferried across to Copenhagen. Mankell wrote the first book in the Wallander series in 1991. Evidently now one can train/drive to Copenhagen since the completion of the transnational Øresund Bridge in 2000. All this I learned while I contemplated purchasing a Volvo, mostly for the overseas delivery option and complimentary trip to Göteborg.

Okay, wait, where was I. Oh yes, the lovely man in the photo with the champagne, right! Sweden, Pilates and a bottle of champagne. Romana would be so happy 🙂 For the next studio party you must bring the champagne and Elisabet.

Just watch this short video. Warning: you are about to see some fantastic Pilates, Scandinavian-style. Make some coffee first.

Fredrik, Standing Arm Springs and the Guillotine

1. What is your favorite Pilates exercise and why?

Fredrik Prag: It varies. Right now it´s The Roll Over. It is such a great dynamic in this exercise. For me it gives power to the arms and with a stiff lower back and short hamstrings it is a release.

2. What exercise is your least favorite? Pick only one.

FP: It used to be the Roll Over:-)!

3. What turns you on creatively, mentally or physically about the Pilates method?

FP: The never ending challenge and gradually changing focus from the outer challenge into a more mental challenge that stays in the body and does not go to the head. Be out of your mind and in your body:-)!

4. What is your idea of earthly happiness?

FP: Truth, Love & a good Pilates mat session!

5. What to your mind would be the greatest misfortune?

FP: A bad Pilates mat session with 2 words “loose glutes” and “neutral spine.”

6. What is your favorite Pilates word?

FP: Squeeze your butt!

7. What is your least favorite Pilates word?

FP: Neutral Spine (makes me sick)

8. What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?

FP: I have had plenty in the past, I’m ok now!

9. If Heaven exists, and by some chance when you arrive at the pearly gates Joseph Pilates is also there, what would you like to hear him say to you?

FP: Do Mat!! Do Reformer!!

10. What did you learn today?

FP: Be easy!


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