What did you Learn Today?

What Did You Learn Today?

Written just before my Holiday vacation, December 2011

So my plan was to finish up my day yesterday pretty early actually…and then get down to the task of my own workout. I know, very risky to put it at the end of the day like that. But I had plenty of time to myself before Joe got home from work and…well…you know how it goes, once the “workday” is finished it is very easy to get distracted finishing up at my desk, laundering towels, relaxing (!), thinking about my impending holiday travel, etc…You see where this is going…

Alas, there was to be no workout that afternoon, only wine.

But hey, I’m on holiday, right?

The Rationalization:

“Well…my flight is in the afternoon so we will not be leaving in the morning until around 10:30 or 11, so there will be plenty of time to have a morning workout and it will be a nice way to wake up and stretch out to feel good before the airport and the potential chaos of the day.”

Okay, this morning plan has barely breezed into my mind and I have my doubts.

The Reformer was staring me down as well.

What Did You Learn Today?


I’m going to wake up at 7 or 7:30am and have breakfast. Okaaaaay…

THEN workout, followed by a shower and the last of my packing? Really. That’s what’s going to happen?

Have you met Andrea? Because that doesn’t sound like her at all…

And then an amazing thing happened. Well, let’s call it Amazing Thing #1. I had a great desire to stretch out that next morning. Great. So far, so good. After breakfast (check!) I laid down on the reformer, not really with any expectations at this point. Truth be told, my first plan was to do three repetitions of every exercise so I could have time to fit in all my reformer exercises. Then I did the footwork and the hundred before I remembered my “plan” so I recalculated and decided I would do as much as I could in the 45 minutes I had. And doncha know that was plenty of time? Imagine that.

And then I was in it.

Moving, feeling good, learning a couple things about the stuff I’m working on, having a good ol’ stretchy time.

Upon finishing my workout I had the most pleasant realization – Amazing Thing #2! Pilates was really what my mind needed today. By focusing fully on my workout I did not have any room in my head for my usual pre-travel thoughts of logistics, airport security anxieties, imminent family visiting, FLYING, you name it and I will worry about it.

Instead I felt calm. I felt centered in my mind. I felt strong and grounded in my body and happy to shower and then finish my travel preparations. And yeah, I am intimately acquainted with this post-workout feeling, but it was all the more lovely juxtaposed against the backdrop of this particular day.

And that is what I learned today.

What did you learn today? Share some holiday cheer in a comment below.

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