Scrubbing Bubbles

“We work hard so you don't have to.”

A 1970s animated commercial for Dow Bathroom Cleaner introduced us to an army of sweet bubbles to save us from the hard, tiring work of cleaning our baths.

No “elbow grease” required if you let this famous brand tackle your dirty tub. Just a few moments of watching, patiently waiting while the bubbles infiltrate and do the hard part for us.

Save your strength, my darlings!

Our beloved Pilates method also gives us a proliferation of brilliant and hard-working exercises designed to get in there and do the dirty-work.

Why expend energy/time/your soul badgering your student about the same old things all day long?

Aspire to be a lazy Pilates teacher.

Let the exercises do the work.


Yes. You must choose wisely.

“The art of Pilates is looking at the body and knowing the most direct way to address it.”

Work smarter.

Use an exercise to address/fix/begin to fix what you can't stop bitching about.

The exercises work hard so you don't have to!

What exercises are your scrubbing bubbles?

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