Welcome to my 30-Day Wunda Chair Challenge!

Welcome to my 30-Day Wunda Chair Challenge!

Hey there lovely Pilates peeps!

I've got a short-kick-your-butt Wunda Chair workout for you.

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A Wunda Chair Workout in 10 (13) Exercises

Welcome to my 30-Day Wunda Chair Challenge!

For the record, my self-imposed Wunda Chair challenge proves to be more daunting than my previous Small Barrel Project. With 12 days under my belt, my proficiency has improved a bit. By the end of the workout I am huffing and puffing.

My kingdom for a rolling exercise…

Filming this workout has given me a boatload of information. Oh there's nowhere to hide…

Today's video includes the following exercises:

  1. Footwork
  2. Pull Up
  3. Push Down
  4. Spine Stretch
  5. Teaser on the Floor
  6. Swan/One-arm Swan/Swan Dive
  7. Teaser on the Chair
  8. Mermaid Seated
  9. Flying Eagle
  10. SemiCircle
  11. Going Up Front
  12. Mountain Climb
  13. Star
  14. Optional 14th exercise: Twist

Learn the exercises and you'll be able to complete this workout in about 20 minutes. Be efficient, keep your control and move cleanly from one exercise to the next.

Today's video is a deliberate pace. I chat a little bit about strategies for some of the exercises.

Stay tuned for a future video with a brisk pace and another with extra variations of some exercises.

It's the Wunda Chair. I'd say it deserves more than just one video, yes?

My progress so far…

Welcome to my 30-Day Wunda Chair Challenge!

Well I've found my powerhouse. It's an essential element here on the Wunda Chair.

It's called LIFT! You'll need it every time you must lift the pedal.

Makes sense.

Starting with the very first Footwork exercises, the lift you find in the Tendon Stretch will serve you brilliantly in your Pull Up.

Later on in the workout your powerhouse must still work when the exercise demands your legs reach in opposite directions: Spine Stretch, Going Up Front, Mountain Climb and the Star.

Work your Footwork well, friends, and create a strong foundation for the rest of the workout.

Welcome to my 30-Day Wunda Chair Challenge!

Enjoy this short Wunda Chair workout.

Questions? Lay it on me in a comment below.

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  1. Nice work! Love that we have a video to follow now too!! 🙂 Yes, this is def. a challenge but I’m loving it and each day (or every other 🙂 the exercises do feel “easier’ or maybe just more accessible…or maybe it’s just that tiny bit more LIFT that the chair forces upon you. Things I’ve noticed… You can’t cheat; the chair forces Lift and makes you huff-n-puff with even just one medium spring. Spine Stretch Forward is a challenge no matter where you execute it and I will always question “am I doing this right?” Leg strength and stability (BUTT) getting stronger, must find that connection to leave earth and Go Up Front. You see your weak side immediately. Weird holding patterns show up immediately. Your brain gets a work out too (BONUS) because suddenly your feet aren’t on solid ground and 23 inches off the ground feels…um…crazy high 🙂 I also, dare I say, maybe, find the Snake/Twist sorta more possible on the Reformer!! Overall, a stupendous strengthening challenge for me and I’m sure others! Again, you make it look easy 😉 #LongLivePilates! #PilatesPeopleRock! See you soon! xo

    • Corrie – yes! I have learned this too – the Chair forces LIFT! I feel like I suddenly found my powerhouse on the Chair. See what you think about approaching the Going Up Front as though it were the Side Splits on the Reformer. I know, easy peasy right? But that idea of pulling the legs together when they are apart and doing different jobs. See what you think…
      Look forward to seeing you tomorrow!! Yay! xox

  2. Alessandra says

    Woo hoo!! A chair video to follow!! Thank you Andrea!! Now I’ll be getting it on on the chair!!
    #watchthisspace ???? #seeyousoon #pilatesgeeksinlondon ????????????

  3. Loving the Chair, I always did, but as you say, it often sits in the corner, as I get more done on the reformer and tons on mat. I am so happy about my Teaser/Twist. Star is hard, but possible, my pedal is still up only a tiny bit. Thank you for this inspiration, Andrea!

    • You are so welcome! Thank you for taking up the challenge – it has be a big one for me – not as cozy as the Barrel challenge for sure 🙂 Thank YOU for being an awesome blog reader!! xo

  4. I just did this and had a great time. I love your personality, Andrea. I will be practicing the ‘tiger mount’ for climb the mountain front, as well as the star. Thanks!

    • Kelly,

      Thanks so much for your kind words 🙂 Yes, isn’t that leap up onto the chair scary and thrilling all at once? So glad you enjoyed the workout and good job!! I will be working on my Star as well LOL Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts here – lovely to have you.

  5. Hello, ANDREA
    I am also using Wunda Chair for Leg strength and stability BUTT getting more stronger.
    Thanks for sharing informative blog

  6. Love this!! I may join.
    I was searching through your blog to see if u had a post on improving hanging abs on the Cadillac. Maybe I overlooked it. Thanks

    • Hi Jodie,

      I don’t have a post on the hanging abs series on the Cadillac – I am not sure I knew there was a name for those – are you referring to the exercises where you are holding onto the top bar of the Cadillac and you can pull up both knees into the chest, or do beats or circles with the legs? If so, that sounds like a great post idea and I will put that on my list.
      If I am not understanding, please let me know. Thank you so much for reading and for considering joining in on my 30 Day Challenge. Have a happy weekend 🙂

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