On the 8th Day of March MATness Joe Pilates gave to me…

On the 8th Day of March MATness Joe Pilates gave to me...

The Spine Stretch!





with lift and a scoop

the tug-of-war within you

opens up the back

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Thank you so much Dana Santi, Colleen Naughton Strong and Chris Robinson for an amazing Classical Pilates Conference in San Diego! 

Where else would I be able to find beautiful and strong Pilates teachers ready to burst into action at the drop of a blogpost?!

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  1. Thank you. Do you have any tips on improving back extension?

    • Hi Jodie,

      Thanks so much for reading and for sharing your question. I have some posts that are on the topic of getting more back extension, I have linked them here – and then I have some other thoughts as well.

      Looking at a particular body, what is it’s impediment to backbending? Do they have a sinky back so it is hard for them to sit up straight? Or do they lack upper back extension so the low back is swayed? What exercises will help their particular issues?

      The Small Barrel and Spine Corrector are great first places to find extension – a lot of folks need it in the upper back. Then you can work on the tall back exercises like Short Box and Rowing Series to gain more strength and lift in the whole back (to move them toward better extension). The Arm Chair is a great place to work on connecting the low back into the arms and upper body and to work toward Swan On the Barrel and Flying Eagle on the Cadillac: supported places to build strength in extension.

      Hope this is helpful 🙂

      Other posts on this topic:


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